Here’s Some Great News for Lake Geneva Real Estate

Fixed Rates Interest Rates Fall Below 3.5% This Week

Where's the Real Estate Market Headed?
Amazingly, interest rates this week fell below 3.5% and are now a full percentage point below where rates were one year ago. Without question that is good news for real estate in general and will definitely have a positive effect on the Lake Geneva real estate market as we progress into the second half of the summer selling season. Here’s a link to the full article.

In addition, housing starts jumped 6.9% in June to a 3 ½-year high, highlighting the residential real estate’s slow recovery as a bright spot in a sputtering economy. Here’s a link to the full article.

So as usual, the crystal ball used by some to make predictions about the real estate market continues to be somewhat cloudy, but it has to be looked at as a postive sign having interest rates remaining so low and affordable encouraging Buyers to make the decision to buy today.

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