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Little Known Facts about Walworth County WI that make it a great place to live

Walworth County WI, which holds such areas as Lake Geneva, Delavan, Fontana, Linn, and Williams Bay, was named after a New York judge Reuben Hyde Walworth and founded around 1836.  The 2000 census revealed a population of 93,759 across approximately 576 square miles.  This beautiful area is known for their gorgeous lakes including Delavan and […]

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Top Three Places to Dine in Walworth County Wisconsin

If you are looking for fine dining during your stay at Geneva Lake in Wisconsin, than take a look at the top places for a great culinary arts experience. Café Calamari is found a few minutes from downtown Lake Geneva with an outside patio that overlooks picturesque Williams Bay. The cuisine features Italian, but also […]

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The Top Three Hotels and Resorts in Walworth County Wisconsin

Walworth County Wisconsin is known for its gorgeous lakes, fine dining, and fabulous hotels and resorts. If it is your first time coming to this beautifully relaxing rustic setting, than take a look at some of the top places to stay while in the Geneva Lake area. Grand Geneva Resort and Spa offers a spacious, […]

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All you Need to Know about Walworth County WI at your fingertips

If you are thinking of visiting, vacationing, or buying a second home in Walworth County Wisconsin, take a look at a brand new website. WalworthCoGetaway.com is a The Week extra’s new sister site that packs all the information you need to travel, plan trips, and relax in the gorgeous Walworth County.  Featured highlights include downloads of […]

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